Because tires on a vehicle contribute to the overall safety of an automobile, it’s crucial that you stay on top of their quality and condition. When the time comes, investing in a new set is incredibly important, no matter where you're located in Ligonier, IN. Here are some things to pay attention to in order to determine whether or not you need to change your tires.

Tread Wear

Use the tried and true penny test to determine how much tread you have left on all four of your tires. A penny is inserted into the grooves of your tires. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, then you have shallow tread left. It’s time to start budgeting for a new set. Keep in mind, your tread wear should be equal on all four tires. Otherwise, there’s a bigger problem going on that you should have addressed by one of the service technicians at our dealership in Columbia, City, IN.

Structural Changes

As your tires come in contact with the road more and more, they will start to wear out a bit. The UV rays from the sun and heat will also cause your tires to change. Keep an eye out for bulges or cracks in the tires. The average time frame for replacing tires is around six years, depending on the mileage you put on your Chevy vehicle.

Inquire About New Tires at City Chevrolet

If you need assistance with picking out new tires for your Chevy around Fort Wayne, City Chevrolet can help you with the process. We will make sure that you get an affordable set that fits your vehicle and will provide you with exceptional safety. If you know that your tread is low, don’t put yourself and others on the roads of Huntington, IN at risk of an accident. Stop by the City Chevrolet Service Center near Warsaw today.

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