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At City Chevrolet, you can get great deals on leasing a new Chevy near Huntington, IN. Leasing is a great option if you enjoy getting the latest technology and driving the newest cars. It is sort of like having a long-term rental and usually offers a lower monthly payment than a traditional financing loan.

How to Calculate Your Leasing Costs

One of the reasons leasing can be confusing for a first-time lessee near Warsaw is that we use different terms, and the process is different. In order to get an idea of what your leasing cost will be, there are several pieces of information and terms you should know:

  • Capitalized Cost or Cap Cost: the price of the vehicle
  • Residual Value: Expected value at the end of the lease
  • Money Factor: Interest rate included in the monthly payment

If you want to lease a Chevy in the Ligonier area, calculate your monthly payment by taking the capitalized cost minus the residual value and add interest and fees. Divide this number by the number of months of the lease term to get an approximate monthly payment. Keep in mind, some fees need to be paid up front, so you don't need to factor this into the monthly payment, but calculate that into the amount of cash you need upfront. Many lease terms are negotiable, so ask our finance experts which fees you can roll into the monthly payment and how our current lease specials could make your costs even lower.

Benefits of Leasing a Chevy at City Chevrolet

Our finance experts help drivers all around Fort Wayne get into new Chevys every day. We also run leasing specials to save you on some fees like security deposits or down payments. When you lease a Chevy, you can be certain the vehicle will be covered under warranty for the entire lease term. Best of all, when your lease is up, you can smoothly transition into a brand-new Chevy and enjoy all the latest upgrades and technology we have to offer.

Visit Us in Columbia City and Lease a New Chevy Today

For questions about leasing at City Chevrolet, contact our finance experts. We can help you get to know the ins and outs of leasing and get you into a new Chevy today!

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