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Welcome to GM Demo Motors's Finance Department, your auto loan and car lease resource. We're eager to provide financing for your new car, or we can assist in used car financing. Check out our online car loan calculator for an instant car loan rate. Then, proceed to our online finance application.

All types of credit, from good to bad, can qualify for an auto loan. No credit, no problem! We will work with you to secure a no credit car loan if your situation demands it. GM Demo Motors has strong relationships and is committed to finding you the perfect car loan company to suit your car finance needs.

Low interest car loans are available for customers with existing loans. We can help you refinance your car loan or adjust the term of the contract. You're just a step away from approved car financing!

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Finding the right car and falling in love with it are just the beginning. Paying for it is what makes it all come together. That's where we come in!

At City Chevrolet, we offer a wide range of Chevy financing and leasing options for individual customers, as well as businesses through GM Financial, which is the financial subsidiary of General Motors.

We are proud to offer GM Financial Leasing for new vehicles, and GM Financing for both new and used cars. There are many things to consider when choosing between buying and leasing, so we've highlighted a few aspects here.

When it comes to shopping for a new or used car knowing what your options are, are essential. Here at City Chevy, our finance will walk you through each step of the financing process. We can even sit down and discuss whether or not buying or leasing a vehicle will be the option for you.

  • You own the vehicle, which is titled in your name. (You receive the title after completing the series of payments.) 
  • You can sell or trade your vehicle at any time that makes sense for your specific needs and desires. 
  • You choose how many miles you want to drive without the restrictions of mileage limits for leased vehicles. 
  • You determine your maintenance and repair schedule. Of course it's smart to follow the recommended guidelines, but you have more flexibility than you would with lease agreements that have mileage limits and expectations for service intervals. 
  • You can customize your vehicle inside and out, which is not allowed with a lease. Add a spoiler or luggage rack, change the interior fabric or add a new entertainment system - it's up to you! 

  • You can lease a new vehicle at a price that's comparable to buying a used car, truck, van or SUV. 
  • Your down payment will probably be lower than when you buy a car. 
  • Your monthly payment is almost always lower than if you purchase the same vehicle. 
  • You may be able to afford more options and add-ons since the payments are usually lower. 
  • You are able to drive a new model every two or three years, which is a luxury many people really value. 
Many buyers wonder how much car they can afford to buy. This is a common question! Luckily, you can do some initial estimates by using our Loan and Payment calculators. These two different calculators allow you to determine what car you can afford based on your desired monthly payment OR how much your monthly payment will be if you choose a car at a certain price.

Of course, interest rates vary - and that affects the numbers - but we can let you know what the current rates are. It's important to keep in mind that every buyer has a different credit rating, which has an effect on what interest rate they qualify for. In most cases, the higher the credit score, the lower the interest rate.

Something else to consider is that we often run specials on certain vehicles, which can contribute to the affordability of the car or truck you want. Check out our Current Offers page or give us a call.
As mentioned above, your credit rating can affect your ability to secure financing, as well as the interest rate you'll be charged. We have a few interactive online tools to help you get a handle on your creditworthiness.
You can ESTIMATE your credit score, without triggering a "hard inquiry" with a credit bureau. This is a smart step to take and nearly everyone should consider doing it. 
You can get a free Equifax credit score and isn't likely to show a third-party inquiry. Individuals are entitled to one free credit report per year from each of the three major credit bureaus. 

After reviewing the payment calculator and taking a look at your credit report, you might still be wondering if you'll get approved for an auto loan or lease. We're always happy to work with you on this process in person or by phone - or you can get instantly pre-approved online in either English or Español

If you're ready to take the plunge, you can complete the complete the full GM Financial application online as well. (We love to make things convenient for our customers!) You can also reach out to us or come by our dealership in Columbia City, Indiana. We're just a short drive from Warsaw, Auburn and Fort Wayne - we'll make it worth your time!

Another factor in the final price (and monthly payment) is whether or not you have a trade-in. If you have a vehicle you no longer drive - or won't drive once you buy or lease a new one - then you can consider trading it in to lower the price of your new car or truck. We have a handy online tool that allows you to get a preliminary trade-in value estimate. Hop on over to our Value Your Trade page to get started.

Some buyers prefer to sell their cars outright or pass them on to another family member, but others prefer the convenience of handling the trade right at our dealership. We take care of title transfers, registration paperwork, paying off the old loan (which reduces the net trade-in value), handling any sales tax issues and other tedious paperwork.
Once you've made the decision to buy or lease a new car, truck or SUV, you'll want to maintain its awesomeness. That's where Chevrolet Protection Plans come in. They can provide convenience and comfort, as well as enhance your ownership experience.

We offer optional seamless coverage and benefits that continue even after your new-vehicle warranty expires. Here's an overview of several optional, complementary protection plans. If you want more details, you can jump to the full description for each if you want more information:
  • The Chevrolet Protection Plan is a flexible plan that offers both a Silver and Platinum option, and covers extras like lost keys, towing and rental car reimbursement. 
  • GAP Coverage gives you confidence when you purchase a new, used or leased Chevy. If you have a severe auto accident and total your car, the insurance company may only cover the current market value and you'll probably have a deductible to pay. This coverage can fill in the gaps. 
  • Tire and Wheel Protection covers road hazards that can damage these critical parts of your ride. After all, they're hitting the ground every single day and experience potential hazards like nasty potholes. 
  • Pre-Paid Maintenance is a sweet deal for those who want to know their vehicle will be cared for at proper service intervals, without a need to pay for those maintenance items as they are performed. 
  • Appearance Guard covers door dings, stained or ripped fabric, and other cosmetic items. We know you take great pride in your SUV, truck or car, which is why this protection could be just what you're looking for. 
  • XC Wear® Lease Protection minimizes expenses associated with excess wear-and-tear on leased vehicles by providing coverage up to $5,000 for these costs. Because a GM Financial lease expects the vehicle to be returned with appropriate wear levels, this can be a lifesaver.
Whether you prefer to receive paper bills in the mail or manage your account online, we've got you covered. Our online account management through GM Financial provides comprehensive access to all the information you need!

In addition to the ability to pay online, you can also make payments by mail or phone - the only option that isn't available is making a payment in person. You can also link multiple vehicle accounts (loans, leasing, etc.) to one customer profile, which makes it a breeze to keep track of your GM Financial loans and leases.

The End Of The Line
When you near the end of your loan's term (or if you win the Lottery) you may want to pay off your loan early. The online MyAccount portal provides information on how to get your pay-off figure. It usually is NOT the same as your account balance due to interest, fees and other items that may be debited or credited to your account.

Similarly, as you near the end of your lease, you may have a balance for contractual obligations that could include fees, excess mileage charges or excessive wear charges. We will contact you as your lease maturity approaches, but you're always welcome to call us with any questions. We will work with you to schedule a lease-end vehicle inspection, which gives us the opportunity to determine if there is excess wear and tear of your car or truck that warrants any extra charges.  

The Bottom Line
At City Chevrolet, we want to make the car-buying process enjoyable. Because we offer these services in-house, it's a convenient way to choose GM Finance for your loan or to secure a GM Financial lease for your new vehicle. Let's get together - so you can get on the road with your dream car.



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